New Truckee Coffeebar location places community at heart of business

June 23, 2015 | Written by Josh Staab for Moonshine Ink

TRUCKEE, Calif. — Greg Buchheister has a saying about being a business owner: “luck favors the prepared,” a twist on the old adage.

The owner and operator of Coffeebar in Truckee and Reno recently opened his third location, Coffeebar Bakery, at 12047 Donner Pass Road in the spot formerly occupied by Whole Treats Bakery

When Buchheister started looking for a bakery location, it just so happened Elizabeth and Jack Weir were making the tough decision to close up shop at Whole Treats, Buchheister said.

That was back in December 2014. Since, Buchheister and the Weirs have teamed up to create the new bakery.

“I was actually looking for more space to do more stuff because our current kitchen was so small, and we kind of wanted to take our baking to the next level,” Buchheister said.

Buchheister took over operations at Whole Treats and helped with the rent on the existing lease, while Elizabeth Weir focused on baking, he said.

Coffebar Bakery officially opened in May. While the new location may offer the same quality of products most have come to associate with Coffeebar, Buchheister believes there is a different vibe one can experience.

“It has really great morning sun over there,” he said. “If you want a little bit of a quiet spot, that’s going to be your place.”


Buchheister opened Coffeebar in May 2010, but his experience working with coffee goes back to his start in 1998. He says he has opened 18 coffee shops over the span of his career.

Here, Coffeebar started to take off when he began acknowledging what the people of Truckee wanted his business to be, not what he wanted it to be.

“You’re only as good as the day you are open,” said Buchheister, a former member of the Truckee Planning Commission. “If you do really great customer service and really great quality product in a fun atmosphere, that’s the three main ingredients; you can’t survive with just two of them.”

Customers can find all the tasty gluten-free creations they came to expect from Whole Treats, along with an assortment of new baked goods Buchheister and his team wanted to experiment with, including European-style breads, birthday cakes, and all sorts of muffins.

Buchheister noted with the exception of the Treat Box, and maybe Safeway, he isn’t sure there is another bakery in town providing the type of quality products at Coffebar.

“If you want something that’s maybe a little more artisan, you want something that’s maybe a little more higher end that’s made with quality ingredients, I think there’s a spot for that,” Buchheister said.


Recently, Buchheister agreed to display artwork in the original Truckee location, created by local boys taking part in a middle school program called “Positively Rolling.”

The nonprofit program started in 2013 and serves as an elective class for students, coordinated through Sierra Expeditionary Learning School, Forest Charter School and Alder Creek Middle School this school year.

Focusing on enhancing character development, the boys channel their development through artistic expression, painting skateboards, discussing issues and mentoring others.

“When it’s about what’s for the community, then it becomes such a better medium for everyone who comes in here,” Buchheister said. “I think to really succeed (in Truckee) you need to do stuff more with your heart, than with your pocket book.”

Dozens of pieces of the boys’ artwork are on display, along with a number of photos taken throughout the process. The pieces will remain on display at the original Coffeebar location through the rest of June.

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