Teens learn to connect with peers, mentors and community.



Teens display their value lessons through skateboard art.



Mentoring and value lessons for middle-school aged boys.

Growing to be your own man through Community, Integrity, Respect, and Dealing with Success vs. Failure.

Positively Rolling is a non-profit organization based in Truckee, CA and coordinated through Sierra Expeditionary Learning School (SELS). Positively Rolling enhances strong character development in teenage boys through the mediums of mentoring, discussion and skateboard. This program was born from a direct need in our community to support healthy self-esteem and resiliency in teenage boys.

“Positively” because we are a positive force in having mentors and being positive beings. “Rolling” because we paint and draw on skateboards with the notion of rolling forward through life with a positive charge.

Currently providing programs at Alder Creek Middle School, Forest Charter School, North Tahoe School, and Sierra Expeditionary Learning School (SELS)

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Positively Rolling explores real life topics essential to building and expanding character in a young man’s life through interactive and provocative character development discussions that correspond with creative art projects to better equip them to meet the challenges of their teen years.

These topics are discussed, expanded upon and materialized through conversation, openness and creative expression in hopes that they become the everyday language of the student. The skills and confidence the boys develop participating in this program will anchor social emotional tools to rely on during obstacles of adolescence.

Positively Rolling empowers these young men with social-emotional skills and traits which facilitate their transition into well-balanced, respectful, and resilient young adults in their community.

Positively Rolling receives $9,000 in Grants!

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Positively Rolling receives $9,000 in grants from The Queen of Heart’s Women’s Fund (Supported by TTCF) and Walton’s Grizzly Lodge. Positively Rolling is a Truckee nonprofit for local middle school boys that promotes positive self-awareness by engaging students in thoughtful conversations with adult mentors while making awesome art on skateboards. The Queen of Heart’s Women’s Fund is supported by Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation: a charitable organization that donates grants in many areas of focus, including education and youth development. The Walton’s Grizzly Lodge-Stein Family Foundation was established in 2009 to continue the legacy of their summer children’s camp and fund…